Empowering those who help others.

Nonprofit Consulting and Fundraising Support


Empowering those who help others.

Nonprofit Consulting and Fundraising Support

Broad Oaks Consulting identifies funding opportunities that create stability and foster longevity.

If your biggest event was cancelled or largest grant fell through, could your organization survive?
By partnering with us, both start-up and established nonprofits will learn the key principles to creating a resilient business.

Operate like a business

With unique experience in the financial services industry, we approach your mission as more than a philanthropy.

The Best Ways to Ask

Effectively asking for donations requires a balance of timing, emotion, and logic in your appeal. We'll show you how.

How to Plant Seeds

We implement fundraising strategies designed to cultivate and steward donor relationships that can last a lifetime.

"What if I could show you how?"

This is the question I will teach you to ask your donors. As you gain deep, personal, and authentic insight into their motivation, we'll give you the strategies to help donors meet their unique personal and societal goals.
- Angela Burgess, President of Broad Oaks Consulting

Our Approach:
Educate. Collaborate. Innovate.

At Broad Oaks, we develop compelling strategies while also ensuring the plan is functional for your organization. Then, we help you adapt as situations and circumstances evolve. Using our financial expertise and business acumen, we develop fundraising strategies that attract donor attention while diversifying your income channels. We prioritize staying at the forefront of new fundraising techniques to best serve our clients.

A few of our clients

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