Virtual Fundraiser for RaiseUP Families



The largest fundraiser for the year for RaiseUp Families is their Spring luncheon, generating more than 25% of their annual budget.  However, shortly before the fundraiser, the COVID pandemic had taken full swing and the live event needed to be cancelled for everyone’s safety.

In just under one week, Broad Oaks Consulting was able organize a highly-effective virtual event, among the first in the country. With the help of The Story Hive, who had produced the family video we planned to show at the luncheon, we launched the event at the appointed luncheon time on April 2. View the event video here.

In addition to the virtual event, we asked all board members to also run a peer-to-peer campaign. Between the virtual event and the P2P campaign, we netted the expected amount of the luncheon fundraiser.