Sustainable Giving Program Development and Direction



Though the Center for Pursuit has been serving the greater Houston community since the 1950’s, they had never established a sustaining giving program.  In 2019 they hired Broad Oaks Consulting to help expand their small list of donors. Donors gave inconsistently with some giving monthly and others annually. Achieving a more regular donation pattern would help sustain long-term growth.

We worked with Center for Pursuit’s marketing agency to develop a brand for the new program, which would become gameCHANGERS. Broad Oaks managed the scope of work and directed the design of two unique direct mail campaigns and supporting email and social campaigns. Our work also included partnership with a data analyst to curate the mailing list to target those most likely to participate in the program. We were directly responsible for all copywriting and acknowledgement copy. In addition, we provided the stewardship plan for this program.

We ran two separate gameCHANGERS campaigns, doubling the number of donors enrolled as monthly givers and adding 40% more annual revenue to the program.

*Note: The program was fortunate to have an existing donor who gives a considerable amount each month. If you remove that gift, we actually doubled the monthly giving revenue with the two campaigns.