Each mile I travel only leaves the more I have to go. What’s wrong with wanting more, if you can fly—then soar? With all there is, why settle for just a piece of sky?

“A Piece of Sky,”  Yentl

Our mission is to help non-profits create sustainable business models so they can provide on-going support to our communities.

Meet Angie.

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Welcome to Broad Oaks Consulting! Whatever brings you here, I hope you can find a bit of inspiration and relief in the knowledge that there are sustainable ways to grow your non-profit.

When I left my corporate career I knew I wanted to take the wealth of knowledge I had acquired in wealth management, insurance planning, wealth transfer, complex gifts, and relationship building to pursue my passion for not-for-profit work. NPOs are so often underfunded and left with little resources to run as the savvy businesses they need to be to gain donor attention and funding.

Before starting Broad Oaks, I worked as Director of Philanthropy for Mercy Home for Boys & Girls, one of Chicago’s oldest and most well-respected child services organizations. After building a high-performing philanthropy team and establishing metrics and expectations that cultivated long-term giving, I knew my greater purpose was to bring business acumen and creative tactics for more organizations. That’s when I established Broad Oaks Consulting.

When I partner with an organization, my goal is to be a trusted advisor, someone who can help prioritize your many competing tasks and obligations. I always begin our process by getting to know you.  What is going well?  What are the challenges?  What is your board asking of you?  What will it take to get there? While the challenges NPOs face are often similar, your needs, dreams and aspirations are unique to you.

I take a holistic approach, setting realistic goals and expectations that will help achieve your big vision.  I will guide you on your journey, one step at a time. We will identify solutions tailored to you and work alongside your team while we implement our approach.  I’ll use lessons learned from nearly 20 years in the for-profit wealth management and philanthropic industries, but I’m not in the business of developing cookie-cutter plans and campaigns for my clients.

Together, we will improve your strategic planning, revenue generation, and investment development. Plus, I know we’ll have a lot of laughs and heart-felt moments along the way.

What’s the meaning behind our name?

The beautiful, broad oak trees that line so many of Houston's streets create breathtaking canopies and shady retreats for our community.  It’s shocking that a rapidly growing city, paved in so much concrete, could also be the home of these impressive oaks-some dating back more than 300 years.

For generations, someone has seen enough value in these magnificent trees to grow them, protect them, steward them and prop them up.  Progress did not overtake them.

Broad Oaks Consulting, LLC sees the value in non-profits who serve our community.  Step-by-step, we help you preserve and grow so that you may continue to serve your mission.