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How we help fund your mission


Social Impact Investing

Social impact investing offers an alternative to traditional major gift fundraising. It is a way to quickly raise capital for meaningful projects. We create public/private partnerships to both raise capital for non-profits and create opportunity for investors. This type of creative fundraising is a passion for us, benefiting entire communities and engaging partners outside of the traditional philanthropy market.


Planned Giving

With experience in insurance planning, wealth management, and wealth transfer work, we are experts at creating and growing vibrant planned giving programs. The largest gift most donors make is their final gift from their estate. When people fail to include a charity in their plans, it is usually because either no one asked or no one showed them how.  We educate your team and your donors.


Interim Roles

Many non-profits face personnel challenges as they grow or experience turnover. We can fill director roles within your organization from 6-24 months. During this time, we can get the organization and employees into a more efficient and effective place while laying a foundation for long-term fundraising success. In addition, we can recruit and train the eventual full-time candidate.



Monthly Giving Programs

Have you converted your loyal donor base into sustainable givers? 20% or more of your direct marketing revenue should come from sustaining givers. Sustaining donors are more loyal to your mission and are more likely to become mid-level, major, and/or planned giving donors. We can help establish or grow your program.


Campaign Development

Well-formed fundraising campaigns include compelling calls-to-action across multiple channels such as written letters, emails, and social media posts. Creative and expertly crafted campaigns will evoke emotion from long-term donors while also capturing the attention of people new to your mission.

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Capital Campaign

 With your strategic plan and vision as our guide, we help your organization identify and develop a well constructed Case for Support. We can educate your board on their role in this process. Then, by identifying the donors and prospects needed to reach your goal, we work to produce an influential capital campaign to drive you forward.