A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.


Laying a Foundation for Growth

Like any high functioning business, your nonprofit needs a comprehensive marketing strategy that supports a strategic development plan created especially for your organization and your donors. You see, marketing and fundraising are interdependent. They are like the two engines on an airplane. Sure - you can run on one for a while, but for the long flight, you need both running well to be sustainable. That’s why Broad Oaks Consulting has partnered with Solace Media to bring small to midsize nonprofits an affordable solution. Laying a Foundation for Growth is a revolutionary program that strategically unites fundraising and marketing to help you grow and diversify your revenue streams.

How we help fund your mission


Social Impact Investing

Social impact investing offers an alternative to traditional major gift fundraising. It is a way to quickly raise capital for meaningful projects. We create public/private partnerships to both raise capital for non-profits and create opportunity for investors. This type of creative fundraising is a passion for us, benefiting entire communities and engaging partners outside of the traditional philanthropy market.


Planned Giving

With experience in insurance planning, wealth management, and wealth transfer work, we are experts at creating and growing vibrant planned giving programs. The largest gift most donors make is their final gift from their estate. When people fail to include a charity in their plans, it is usually because either no one asked or no one showed them how.  We educate your team and your donors.


Monthly Giving Programs

Have you converted your loyal donor base into sustainable givers? 20% or more of your direct marketing revenue should come from sustaining givers. Sustaining donors are more loyal to your mission and are more likely to become mid-level, major, and/or planned giving donors. We can help establish or grow your program.


Campaign Development

Well-formed fundraising campaigns include compelling calls-to-action across multiple channels such as written letters, emails, and social media posts. Creative and expertly crafted campaigns will evoke emotion from long-term donors while also capturing the attention of people new to your mission.

Our Partners

“How can you guarantee we’ll be successful?” This is one question every nonprofit client asks. We get it. For you – and your Board of Directors – investing in consulting services can be scary and you want to be certain the investment will pay off.

The truth is that no consultant can guarantee outcomes. There is only one way to ensure lucrative outcomes: do the work.

At Broad Oaks Consulting, we have a saying: “There is no substitution for the work.” There are no shortcuts; you cannot skip steps; and you cannot cut corners if you are looking to maximize your outcomes.

That’s why Broad Oaks only partners with a carefully curated list of partners that offer the highest quality services that support and enhance every custom Development Plan. While we understand many organizations have preferred partners, we cannot guarantee the long-term success of any campaign or marketing program produced by unendorsed vendors.

Imagine your nonprofit is an airplane. Marketing and Fundraising are the right and left engine of a successfully flying nonprofit airplane. Sure – you can run for a while on just one, but for the long flight, you need both to be functioning well. That’s why Broad Oaks Consulting partners with effective marketers, such as Solace Media, to ensure that nonprofits are not only able to be sustainable, but also to reach new heights. From full branding, including crafting the story, creating a website and making a stellar video, to a la carte graphic design – Solace Media has got you covered.

Since 1958, Triangle has been meeting local printing needs in Houston with integrity and passion. Their high quality products are only secondary to their outstanding service and can-do attitude. From direct mail printing, to newsletters, to promotional and event materials, Triangle Texas stands alone in their field.

For more customized mailings and print materials, we partner with The Mission Press. With over 100 years of experience in nonprofit direct mail marketing, Mission Press is uniquely positioned to create highly donor-centric, customized mailings that increase open and response rates. Their attention to detail and vast knowledge of nonprofit fundraising make them an invaluable partner.

In today’s digital world, a strong social media presence that effectively communicates your story in a compelling way, supports and enhances your marketing and communication plan, reinforces your campaigns, and analyzes data to expand your reach is mission critical. The Bogle Agency’s commitment to social media, data, and the role they play in growing your organization is unparalleled.

Broad Oaks’ Consulting unique approach to fundraising is based on a deep understanding of money, taxes, estate planning and wealth transfer, and how they work together to help donors accomplish their financial goals for themselves, their families, and the causes about which they care. For over a decade, Andrew and Angela have partnered to provide unique and innovative solutions to solve complex giving and fundraising issues for donors and clients alike.